Sunday, 4 August 2013

{dried prawn sambal in hermie}

Growing up in a Chinese/Malaysian household in Australia has it's advantages. One of those is the array of yummy food that I was exposed to as a child and continue to love eating today. Having said that, a lot of those dishes that my mum used to make can be accompanied by a good sambal. There are many different types including dried shrimp/prawn, belacan, salted fish, anchovy and the list goes on. Today we are making a dried shrimp/prawn sambal that I have come up with from numerous recipes over the years. It is great to store in the fridge and can be eaten with dishes like Nasi Lemak, noodles or rice. If you are new or old to chilli, just reduce or increase the chilli quantities to your palate and you should enjoy the flavour like I do. 

Tamarind paste, kaffir lime leaves, fresh & dried chilli and dried shrimps
10 dried chillies
3 kaffir lime leaves (optional)
100 grams dried shrimp
3-4 shallots, peeled (I have used 1/2 a brown onion as that's all I had)
1 fresh chilli, cut in half
1-2 garlic cloves, peeled
50grams + 10grams vegetable oil (e.g. canola)
1 tablespoon tamarind paste
1 tablespoon sugar
salt to taste (I used a small sprinkle)

1. Soak dried chillies in hot water. Set aside.
2. Hand cut kaffir lime leaves and set aside. I find that with this small amount of leaves, the Thermomix does not chop them evenly so I prefer this way.
3. Place shrimp into TM bowl. Chop 9-10secs / speed 6-7. Set aside. This step is optional if you are using very small shrimp. However, mine were quite large and I don't want the sambal too chunky.

Chopped dried shrimp
4. Place dried chillies, fresh chilli, shallot & garlic into TM bowl. Chop 3secs/ speed 6. Be careful when you open the lid as a waft of chilli will hit your face. If you're sensitive like me, you'll start coughing! When you've recovered, scrape down sides of bowl.
5. Add 50 grams vegetable oil to TM bowl and saute 5mins/ varoma/ speed 1.
6. Add tamarind, salt, sugar and dried shrimp to TM bowl. Cook 8-10mins/ varoma/ Stir speed/ reverse. Check the sambal about halfway through and you may need to pause and scarpe down the sides of the bowl. Cooking time will depend on how 'dry' you like you sambal. If you like it drier, cook further in 5 minute lots until desired texture is created.
7. Add in the kaffir lime leaves and cook a further 5 minutes. If required, add another 10grams of oil. Cook 5mins/ varoma/ stir speed/ reverse.
8. Store in sterilised, dry jars in the fridge.

Makes about 180-200 grams.

Bon Appetit xx


  1. Hi Mei! Is that can of tamarind concentrate any good? Normally, I would have dehydrated dry tamarind in hot water and then squeeze out the juice from it. This can would make it easier to get that tamarind juice!

    1. Hi! I think the tamarind concentrate is just as good. Having said that, it is made in Thailand and I looked for a brand that did not have anything extra added. Looking at the ingredients, it states 90% tamarind and 10% water. Hopefully, labelling standards are followed and nothing is left off as I do not like eating extra additives that I don't know about. I'm a bit lazy with tedious tasks like extracting tamarind juice so this suits me. Hope that helps xx

    2. Thanks. I will try this concentrate when I next need tamarind juice in a recipe.
      Bon Appetit!