Monday, 17 June 2013

{everyday vanilla ice-cream}

In my household, we like to eat dessert. Sometimes it is just fruit and most of the time, it is a great tool to get my 3.5yr old little one to eat their main meal! One of our favourites is ice cream. My issue with supermarket ice cream is that there are so many unnecessary additives and ingredients added that I feel bad eating them let alone feed them to my children. For example, why does colouring need to be added to vanilla ice cream when the natural colour is how it should be (see above picture). Now with the Thermomix, I can make my own without adding the 'nasties' and I don't have to spend an extra $200-$400 for an ice cream maker...

2 egg yolks
500 full-fat pouring cream (I use Bulla to support an Australian owned company)
150g castor sugar (I find this a bit sweet so would probably add 120-130g)
1 vanilla bean, halved & insides scraped
pinch of sea salt

1. Place all ingredients into bowl. Cook 6min / 80C / speed 4.
2. Remove vanilla bean and pour mixture into container with cover. Put in freezer for 5-6 hours until set wobbly.
3. Remove from freezer and cut into ice cube size pieces (if required. Mine was still a bit watery). Put in mixing bowl and blend 20sec / speed 9 then 10 sec / speed 4. 
4. Pour back into container and freeze overnight before serving.

Bon appetit xx

Makes about 600ml or 8 portions.

Stay tuned... i'm thinking my next batches will be chocolate and pistachio :)

This recipe is based on the "Everyday Cookbook" by Thermomix with some tweaks here and there.

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