Wednesday, 12 June 2013

{why i started this blog}

So, who wants to be original and start a blog? There are many blogs out there and who really wants to read my recipes, ideas and thoughts? Well, let’s find out.
I have waited a long time to buy a Thermomix and after a year of umming, ahhhing and saving, I have one in my hot (not so little) hands. I have to say that as someone who loves cooking and seeing the happy experience that someone gets (mostly family) from tasting my food, this is so far the best kitchen appliance I have ever bought. So much so that I have affectionately called it Hermie (hence the name of the blog).

My main style of cooking is Asian inspired (as i have Chinese heritage) however, I love to bake and make desserts as well as dabble in other styles of food. I have many favourite recipes that I use time and time again and I'm hoping that Hermie can meet my expectations and make them even easier to create! If not, there will be the odd recipe posted here that is cooked or baked using traditional methods.
Enjoy and happy reading! xx

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