Wednesday, 17 July 2013

{black glutenous rice dessert (pulut hitam) in hermie}

This sweet dessert brings back memories from my childhood of when my grandparents would visit from Malaysia. When they were here, my family would go and see them for hours every weekend and my sisters and I would play with my cousins all day. More often than not, these visits included afternoon tea and this is where this dessert would make an appearance. It is sweet without being over the top and the rice provides the texture with the right amount of 'bite' to the dish. Some people prefer this dessert soup to be thin and others a thick consistency. I like mine just in the middle but whatever you prefer, just make sure you cook it for either a bit more or a bit less. 

The recipe below is very simple and was given to me when I did a cooking class at the 'at-sunrice' cooking school in Singapore. Unfortunately, they are not performing these 'leisure' cooking classes anymore but hopefully they will resume soon. The spice walk through the garden is very informative especially seeing the spices growing in their natural states and using them straight in the dishes just don't forget your mosquito repellant!. Anyway, I digress. The advantage of cooking this in the Thermomix is that with the continual stirring, you definitely won't have any rice stuck to the bottom of the bowl and burning. Happy cooking!

200 grams black glutenous rice
1250 grams water
2-3 pandan leaves, knotted
110-120 grams palm sugar
125 grams coconut milk (the clear milk)

coconut cream to serve (the white milk)

1. Put butterfly in TM bowl. Place rice, water and pandan leaves in bowl. Cook 40mins / 90C / stir speed/ reverse. (Do not cook at 100C as it will boil and potentially spill out the top. I learnt this the hard way).
2. Check to see if rice is al dente and how much liquid is left. I continue to cook for a further 30mins / 90C / stir speed / reverse with the MC removed to reduce the liquid.
3. Add sugar and coconut milk. Cook 10 mins / 70C/ stir speed/ reverse.
4. Ladle into bowls and drizzle extra coconut cream to serve.

Serves 6

Bon Appetit xx

Tips: I prefer to use the Chef's Choice or TTC full cream coconut milk. This comes in a can and contains the clear and white milks of the coconut. To separate more easily, put it in the fridge before use as the white part will solidify more and will be easier to scoop out.


  1. Mei, your black glutinous rice dessert looks yummy! I like your blog as I am a Malaysian and still miss Malaysian food!

    1. Thanks! I hope I can do the Malaysian cuisine justice... x

  2. Understand that this recipe asking for two type of coconut milks, may i know what is the difference between the clear and white milk. Thanks

    1. Hi, Usually in a tin of coconut milk, there is the creamier milk that's white that sits at the top and the clear coconut juice is at the bottom. I find this using the TTC or Chef's Choice brands. Hope that helps :)